The Camp High Maintenance 

Aluminet Shade System

Our Original Shade

Hey there, it‘s TILT from Camp High Maintenance here. Like many we started with the humdrum of popup camp design. Annoying, large, difficult to transport, hot as f.

So instead we invented the best burner shade there is, the Aluminet Burner Shade. Originally envisioned by Doodle and enhanced by TILT.

We only supply original and authentic Aluminet with 70% reflection & special reinforced corners and grommets to handle the worst the playa can throw at us.

 Please note we only sell to burners who get the benefit of our bulk buying and design.

Burners from around the world! One of the most precious commodities at Burning Man is an escape from the heat. Did you know shaded areas are 20-45 degrees cooler than that in direct sunlight? As we all know, ANY break in the hot desert weather can make a huge difference in your overall comfort and well being, making for a more pleasant Burn. 
Burner Shades is a group of burners specializing in hardcore, durable shade structures reinforced for the harsh elements of Black Rock City. Our goal is to provide you with top quality allumanet paired with resources and information to create an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to improve your camp. Shading the commons spaces and above your tents/pods can reduce your need for air conditioning and power, and create a more comfortable space for all your camp members. 
Our shade structures have been tested and perfected by actual Burners at Burning Man over the last several years.

Burner Shades are:

  • Easy to put up and break down
  • Lightweight material
  • Breathable to allow movement of air flow and withstand the wind
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from easily and low cost materials
  • Can withstand the alkaline playa dust
  • Easily transported
  • Not just what you get from any store - this is Playa Fortified materials
  • Reinforced extra hard core grommets
    All orders are custom made for you! All we need are your measurements. Our team will custom make your allumanet, create a list of the necessary hardware, and point you in the right direction on where to purchase the hardware.  

The corners?

It's all about the corners

Standard corners just don't last, please meet the Burner Shade Aluminet Corner*

After 12 years, we know what works, this work.

Standard PVC Poles

Available at any Ace Hardware. 3" * 10' PVC. Lasts forever.

Yes, that's a toilet flange

Surprisingly strong and for $3 each take spares.

Aluminet in one bag!

By using soft ties between the panels the Aluminet easily folds up into a bag.

16" Lag bolts

Custom Straps tied off to huge lag bolts means it never moves. Bring a BIG drill and bolts should follow the line of the strap.

How do you build it? It's easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Layout Aluminet Panels

Tie inside grommets together using soft ties (permanent) then each grommet around the outside gets a carabiner.

Pole for each corner, lift one at a time.

The cap of the poles remains on them. Hook carabiners to cap and straps to the cap and lift.

Two People

More is always better but you can set it up with two people. Just go pole by pole.

Center Pole

We extend the center pole by 4 feet to give better height and shape.

How do I get one?

We buy the Aluminet direct from the manufacturer and have the above design specified with them. We have specially reinforced corners for the usual Playa weather as well as higher-quality grommets.

This is the ORIGINAL Aluminet, not a cheap knockoff. 

We only sell to burners and we will save you between 10 and 30% on retail. Proceeds go to our camp improvements. We can make custom sizes of any design fillout the form below.

How big is the shelter shown above?

Our standard design is made of 4 panels of 20' * 20', (6m * 6M) giving a total coverage of 40 * 40 feet. Thats 1600 of Square footage. About 150 Square Meters

How much does that cost?

For the Aluminet ONLY including Grommets every 2 feet and our special reiniforced corners is.....

$1146.40, plus tax and shipping* 
*Pricing confirmed on quote

What else do I need?

Everything else you can buy direct from Ace Hardware and others.

PVC Pipe - 10 off (Center one with a join)

Joiner for Center Pole to extend to 14 feet - 1 off (cannot find link but they will have one)

Flange for top of PVC Pipe - 10 off 

Custom Made Straps - 16 Off (2 per external poles, I buy 12' ones now, or just get from Ace)

Lag Bolts - 16 Off (plus get a Big F'n Drill to drill them into the playa)

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  • Is this genuine Aluminet?
    • Yes, we buy direct from the importer in California
  • How are you cheaper than other genuine Aluminet providers?
    • We only sell to Burners and seek to cover our costs and any small profit goes to support our Mutant Vehicle
  • Can you do custom sizes?
    • Yes, any size is possible. We can help with recommendations.
  • Can this shade handle the storms at the burn?
    • Yes this design has lasted five burns without issues.
  • Where can I get the other components?
    • Mainly Ace Hardware, we can provide a listing with URL's.

We are Camp High Maintenance the mutant vehicle support camp for the Bioluminescent Slug.